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Rose Cottage,

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Catered cottage is comfortable, private, intimate and perfect for young families and nursing mothers. We work hard to ensure that the cottage reflects the warm core of a family home and not just another rented property.  With the needs of mother and baby in mind we have put together the Baby Gourmet Package which is the tailor-made solution to taking baby away. 

We offer a home-made range of gourmet baby foods made from fresh fruit and vegetables, good quality fish, meats and plain yogurt and crème fraiche.  If you don't see what you want on the menu we are open to your suggestions and direction.  We will cook and process the food to the consistency baby likes. Mum can then heat it on demand or take it with her on a day out.  


Included in the Baby Gourmet Package is the use of a full size cot which can be in the parents room or baby can have their own room.  Linen and towels are provided which have had white vinegar put into the final rinse to equalise the pH balance - thought to neutralise residue from soap and helps to prevent any skin reaction.

Baby also benefits from the use of a safety gate across the kitchen door and across the landing and a fire guard that encases the wood burning stove. 

When out and about Baby can make use of the baby backpack which is suitable for up to 3-year-old. 

At dinner time we are sensitive to both the needs of the baby and that of the rest of the family, so unlike hotels, we can hold dinner until baby is settled and parents are happy to eat. 

There is one baby-carrier backpack for your use at Catered Cottage which is superb for a day out - it's waterproof and has a pocket to carry essentials

We ask parents to feed their children in the dining room and to ensure that babies who are teething are suitably bibbed and all children have their hands and face cleaned properly after eating.

We ask all guests to remove their shoes in the cottage in respect of small children and babies who want to crawl on the floor. We also provide freshly laundered throws on the sofa's for parents to use when laying them on the floor or the sofas to protect the child and the textiles alike.