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Chatsworth Farm Shop

This is a farm shop to savour - everything is high quality, fresh and well presented.

MEAT AND GAME - they have a good selection of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, home cured bacon and a fine range of sausages. Frozen game birds and venison are also available fresh in season. All animals are humanely reared and the meat is properly hung.

DELICATESSEN AND CHEESE - cooked meat and pate´ is made by their own chef in the Farm Shop kitchen. Over 40 different Farmhouse Cheeses are available - including some made from goats' and sheep milk.

BAKERY - bread, scones and cakes baked fresh every day in their kitchen. Decorated rich fruitcakes with your own message are available on request.

DAIRY PRODUCE - in addition to fresh cream straight from the farm, they also have their own dairy producing live yoghurt and traditional dairy ice cream.

PRESERVES AND SPECIALTIES - headed by the beautifully packaged Duchess of Devonshire range of preserves, chutney, teas and biscuits, there is also a finesse equally at home in your larder or given as a gift.

ENGLISH AND COUNTRY WINES - English wines are now winning prizes in Europe for their quality and Chatsworth Farm Shop is proud to offer one of the largest selections in Derbyshire, together with many interesting country wines.

Car parking available. Open all year round. April - October 9.00 am to 5.30 pm, November - March open 9.00 am 5.00 pm Tuesdays open 9.30am CLOSED EVERY SUNDAY. Chatsworth Farm Shop, Stud Farm, Pilsley, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE4 1UH. Tel: 01246 583392.


Hand crafted Denby Pottery takes its name from the village of Denby in the heart of rural Derbyshire. Established in 1809, Denby has been creating the finest quality pottery for almost 200 years. The earliest chapters in Denby's colourful history books relate to the era of Joseph Bourne, Denby's founding father, and the production of salt glaze ware. The dedication of Denby's craftsmen and technicians through the ages has led to the jewel-like glazes of today.

Immediately behind the pottery, is the special ingredient for all Denby products - local Derbyshire clay. The clay is exceptionally smooth, and, when fired makes an extremely strong and vitreous product. The unique combination of raw materials, design capabilities and glaze expertise leads to a distinctive Denby look.

Skills used by the craftsmen in the 1800s are still in use today. You can see the potters at work on Guided Tours of the famous Derbyshire Pottery. Throwing, Turning, Casting, Handling and Glazing are but a few of the many interesting processes on view.

Having seen the pottery being made, you can then trace its history down through the ages in the Denby museum. Samples of the earliest products are on view, together with the classics of more recent decades. The audio-visual display system gives a less energetic way of seeing the Denby Story come to life.

Finally, no trip to Denby would be complete without a visit to the famous "Factory Shop". Both "first" quality and "slight seconds" are available at bargain prices. Denby exports to countries throughout the world from the shop, VAT free, for eligible visitors. Denby Pottery Visitors Centre, Derby Road, Denby (situated on the B6179),Derbyshire DE5 8NX.Tel: 01773 740799


John Smedley Knitwear

Just a few minutes from Catered Cottage John Smedley at Lea Mills is situated between Cromford and Crich in a quiet and picturesque valley. 

"Verlana lambswool which is exclusive to John Smedley is made from the soft pure wool of the Australian Merino lamb. The fleece is one of the finest and most delicate of all the world's natural fibres and is, therefore, only available in limited quantities. Yet, for all its softness and superb comfortable handle, Verlana extra-fine Merino wool retains its original resilience and beauty even after long wear, and the colours, ranging from delicate shades through to rich lustrous tones, remain fast for the life of the garment. 

Botany wool garments are knitted from high quality slub-dyed yarn spun by Smedley's own spinning mill. Through the use of slub-dyed yarn the natural properties of pure new wool are retained, particularly its beautiful soft handle and, in addition, greater depth and consistency of colour.

John Smedley's cotton is famous throughout the world as the most luxurious of cotton. It is finer, smoother, stronger and softer than any other natural lightweight fibre. They offer a wide choice of end of range and seconds at very competitive prices together with assorted accessories. 

Established at Lea Mills near Cromford in 1784, John Smedley Ltd celebrated their Bi-Centenary in 1984 as manufacturers of Fine English Knitwear and Worsted Spinners. Lea Mills was built by Peter Nightingale, the great uncle of Florence Nightingale and the "Lady of the Lamp" spent many years just a stone's throw from the mill at Lea Hurst. She visited the works to give help and advice to employees. 

Associated with Peter Nightingale in this enterprise was Thomas Smedley. The connection with the Nightingale family continued for a great many years and Florence has made that side of the family very famous.

People who know Matlock will certainly be familiar with the name of Smedley. The second John Smedley was undoubtedly a philanthropist of the highest order. It was he who built the world famous Smedley's Hydro with the associated hospital for the treatment of rheumatism. He built churches too, and of course the well known Riber Castle..

One of the few remaining companies to comb and spin top-quality wool yarns from the raw state, the craftsmen and women of John Smedley still adopt the principles handed down from generation to generation in controlling every process of manufacture right through to the finished garment.

This heritage makes the fine-gauge fully-fashioned knitwear of John Smedley renowned throughout the world.

Lea Mills Factory Shop is open to the public 7 days a week 10 am - 4 pmJohn Smedley Ltd., Lea Mills, Lea Bridge, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 5AG. Tel: 01629 534571. Fax: 01629 534691.




 -Burton Street, Tutbury, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire DE13 9NG. Tel: 0183 813281. Tutbury Crystal is a supreme expression of the magnificent and beautiful art of the traditional glass blowers and cutters of this country, an art in which Britain proudly leads the World. We believe the quality '-Of our table suites and fancy goods is unsurpassed and that you will grow to appreciate more and more the outstanding beauty of these magnificent pieces as time goes by.

For over five centuries the age old techniques for achieving the finest quality hand-made, hand-cut Crystal have been employed by glass making craftsmen in and around the small and ancient town of Tutbury in the North East corner of Staffordshire. The origins of, or reasons for establishing a glass making in the area are not recorded  in the history books: It is, however, possible that glass making was associated with the historic Tutbury Castle, high upon the hill above the town, and in which Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in 1569 before meeting her fateful end on the executioner's block at Fotheringay.

Whatever its origins in time, what is known is that in more recent decades, fine hand-made, hand-cut crystal, made in the old Tutbury glass factory, has found its way into millions of homes in Britain, and in almost every country of the World, and still takes pride of place in the homes and palaces of the most discerning of collectors of fine tableware and vases.

The Town, which has such a magnificent history in glass making, however, suffered a major setback in 1980, when the old glass factory, under the control of a major fatinal company, was closed due to the economic recession , putting 150 employees out of work. Sadness and frustration at being unable to put their skills to good use led a group of the past employees to talk about buying and re-opening the factory and, after protracted negotiations with the owners, production was proudly recommenced under the name of Tutbury Glassworks Limited, on 4th March, 1982.

Under the new and now localised management and with a policy of producing full lead crystal, of a quality equal to the finest in the world, Tutbury once again established itself as a Ieader in quality hand-cut crystal using skills in the making art which have been handed down from father to son and which, together with centuries of experience go into the production of every piece of beautiful hand-made crystal that leave Tutbury.

Examine any piece of Tutbury Crystal: feel it 'weight; notice the purity of the glass, the clarity and the sparkle; compare the depth of cut and the amount of cutting on the glass and you'll soon realise what makes Tutbury Crystal so special! Add to all this the quite exquisite designs hat available, and we feel sure you will agree that Tutbury Crystal, in all respects, is a supreme example of beautiful British craftsman ship and amongst the finest crystal available today.