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Rose Cottage,

Potters Hill,

Wheatcroft Nr. Matlock,

Derbyshire, DE45PH.



Matlock is the nearest town. It has a population of around 13,000, an administrative centre, and is an excellent base for exploring the surrounding area.

About a mile to the south, along the River Derwent lies Matlock’s tourist centre - Matlock Bath. Visitors have been coming here since Regency times. It is still sometimes known as the "English Switzerland", probably because of its position at the bottom of Matlock Dale – a dramatic limestone gorge.

The 350-foot High Tor has a vertical rock face, providing one of the most severe rock climbs in Britain - though most people walk up.

Across the Gorge, the going is easier. A cable car goes to the top of what are called the Heights of Abraham. At the summit, there are fine views along the Derwent Valley. There are play areas for the children, and you can visit large natural underground caverns, which were originally discovered as a result of lead mining.

This area is criss-crossed with woodland trails, but many of the paths are so steep - firm shoes are essential.

For most people the combination of the river and the deep Gorge are a major reason for visiting Matlock Bath - but for Children Gulliver's Kingdom theme park is the big attraction.

AQUARIUM - Matlock Bath - 110 North Parade, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. Tel: 01629 583624.

The Matlock Bath Aquarium is occupying the buildings of the once famous Matlock Bath Hydro. Opened in 1883 to take its place alongside the already famous New Bath and Royal Hotel thermal hydropathic spas. The Matlock Bath Hydro replaced the Fountain Bath which was build in 1786 and demolished in 1881 because of its size; the pool being only about half the size of the existing one with a uniform depth of only four feet. The Fountain Bath was unable to cope with the increasing popularity for thermal water treatment, so it was then that a new and much larger Hydro was planned, offering facilities hitherto unheard of, under the supervision of a Resident Physician. A visitor could receive treatment for Rheumatism, Gout, Lumbago, Sciatica, Neurasthenia, Neuritis, Weak Nerves, Kidney Complaints and digestive Disorders, there were several private bathrooms where the visitor could take a bath at the medically prescribed temperature, or a dip in the pool, which is fed continuously from the Thermal spring at 600,000 gallons a day. Still to be seen is the drinking fountain at the top of the stairs on the left, which provided a continuous flow of thermal water for patients to drink as freely as may be advised for such disorders as indigestion, Dyspepsia or Kidney complaints. The cost: Full Board and Residence with Apa and Hydro Treatments was from E4 4s weekly, Full Board and Residence for relatives or friends of patients, from E3 3s weekly.

Today a few changes have taken place, where there were once bathrooms and consulting rooms, is our tropical section. Because of its dangerous condition, the roof over the pool has been removed and only a small portion of the observation platform remains. As in years gone by, the pool is still fed from the same thermal spring at a continuous 600,000 gallons a day at a constant temperature of 20 degrees centigrade only now enjoying its health giving properties, are a collection of Large Mirror Carp, (up to 301b in weight) Higoi Carp, Golden Orfe, Green and Golden Tench, assorted goldfish and Koi Carp.

Your visit should be enjoyable and educational, particularly our collection of native marine life, which allows you a glimpse of that hidden realm just beyond our own shores.

Very little has changed, for today people from all over the country and indeed the world, still visit Matlock Bath. Although no longer to take the waters, but to admire its scenic beauty which is not easily matched.

Attractions include: The large open thermal pool, over 40 Aquarium containing species of British and tropical freshwater fish. (Visitors may feed the fish with food obtained on the premises.) The pool by night illuminated at dusk by powerful underwater floodlights.

Temple Mine - Matlock Bath

The mine was acquired by the Peak district Mines Historical Society by the Derbyshire custom in 'nicking'.  It has been worked since 1922 for fluorite and lead and shows goods examples of mining technology.

 Guides who describe the geology, the history and the mining methods conduct parties round the mine.

 The geology and mining are interesting and more stress can be put on whichever aspect students require.The mine can be visited to complement the educational services of the Peak District Mining Museum or on its own for the experience of an underground visit.

 Open Easter to October -Temple Road off the A6.